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Our Spa offers a full line of bathing and grooming services for all breeds of dogs – cats too!!! Come visit our Grooming Salon and meet with our professional stylist to design a grooming package that fits your pet’s specific needs. A well-groomed pet is a happy and healthy pet! A consistent, regular grooming plan not only makes your pet look and smell wonderful, but carries many health benefits:

  • Regular bathing improves your pet’s physical comfort by removing dirt, excess oil, dead skin and shedding hair, and parasites. Proper coat care prevents matting and other secondary conditions that could compromise your pet’s health.

  • Regular nail trims prevent a painful condition whereas the nerve and blood supply extends into long, overgrown nails and also helps prevent damage to carpets and hardwood floors.

  • Shaving and cleaning your pet’s paw pads removes hair where mats, burrs, salt and other foreign objects can become lodged.

Ear cleaning discourages growth of parasites (ear mites) and bacterial growth that can lead to painful infections.


Our baths include the following:

Nail trim – filing upon request

• Premium shampoo

• Ear cleaning

• Thorough brush-out

• Cologne

• Fun and Fashionable Accessories

• Glands expressed

* Premium Facial Scrub


Cats $55.00 and up
0-20lbs $17.00 and up
21-40lbs $22.00 and up
41-60lbs $25.00 and up
60-plus $ 30.00 and up

Over 60lbs that are heavy coated breeds start at $40.00 and up

Mini Groom- includes face, feet and fanny $8.00 to $15.00 plus bath price

Hair Cuts


At Home Away From Home we groom by the guidelines established by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. However, if you enjoy your animal groomed in a different fashion, our talented staff will be glad to accommodate your wishes.


Our grooms include the following:

Hair cut to breed or owners specifications

• Nail trim

• Premium shampoo

• Ear cleaning

• Thorough brush-out

• Cologne

• Bandana and/or Bows

• Glands expressed

* Premium Facial Scrub

Grooming Estimates:
(Actual price determined by Groomer once groom is complete)

Cat $75.00 and up
Small 0-25lbs $35.00 and up
Medium 26-45 lbs $45.00 and up
Large 46-60 lbs $60.00 and up
X-Large 61-plus $70.00 and up

​Additional Services:

Spa Package: Nail Buffing, Snout and Paw Pad Treatment, and Premium Facial $9.99

Snout and Paw Pad Treatment $7.00

Nail Polishing $15.00

Nail Trim $10.00

Nail Buffing $15.00

Dental Hygiene Package $8.00

(teeth brushed and breath spray)

Shed-less Package $5.00 and up

​​​***Prices for bathing and grooming services are based on coat, size, temperament, and required time to bathe or groom your pet properly.***


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