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Boarding & Daycare



Our indoor playrooms and expansive outdoor yard are the perfect environment for your dog to play the day away. The program is lots of fun and provides the important socialization and exercise that dogs need. The activity will have a positive impact on your pet’s social behavior, stress level and general health. At the end of the day, your fur-baby will be ready to come home to you for a relaxing evening.


The entire Home Away From Home campus is used for Doggy Day Care. Guests spend the day playing in the indoor playrooms, running and jumping in our outside play yard, or watching the big screen television.  Lunchtime offers the perfect opportunity for a mid-day rest from all the activities. Dogs should relieve themselves outside, so the day is punctuated by numerous visits to our turn-out yard.


Playgroups are carefully organized according to pet size and temperament. Senior dogs can enjoy their own group. The number of dogs in any one group is limited and the staff monitors the excitement level at all times. Each guest must pass a temperament evaluation on their first visit to be accepted into Day Care: they cannot be aggressive or extremely dominant. Daycare dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age and have completed entire series of vaccinations, and be on a flea and tick prevention program.


Please give us a call so that we can introduce your fur-baby to Home Away From Home!!!



Home Away From Home Pet Resort is a premier hotel and daycare exclusively for all your pets needs. Our promise is to treat every guest as we would our own... after all, our 'fur babies' are our family.


We customize each guest's stay to meet their individual needs, activity level, and personality. From the very active guest to the senior guest to the "special needs" guest, we lovingly provide the care that's right for them.


That's why we make it our mission to provide each client/guest the Best Possible Experience, every time. We focus on safety, comfort, and fun (this is a resort, after all!)... We'll accommodate you in just about anything you ask! Special diets, extra love for separation anxiety, insulin injections, administrating medication ... the list is (almost) endless!


We welcome senior guests and guests with special needs. Your 'fur baby's' happiness is our passion!

Please, peruse our website, come take a tour, and meet our amazing staff.

We have everything your furbaby will need (aside from their food), but please bring anything that is going to make them feel more at home.



  • All Day Playtime - Included at no extra charge! (all pets must be spayed and neutered to interact with other dogs)

  • MEDICATIONS - Given at no extra charge!

  • CLIENT'S FOOD - Served at no extra charge!

  • Bedding - We provide - At no extra charge! OR you can bring your own!





All Client provide pets food for a consistent diet.


Pets must be accompanied by proof of vaccinations from their veterinarian.


Required Vaccinations:


If it is the 1st time your pet is receiving vaccinations then they will need to be current for a minimum of 7 days prior to staying with us.


If your pet is getting their vaccinations renewed they will need to have that done a minimum of 5 days prior to their stay with us.


We only accept the inter-nasal Bordetella vaccination Nobiva: Intra-Trac3-ADT


Adult Dogs:

    • 1 year or 3 year DHLPP

    • Bordetella- every 6 months (We only accept the inter-nasal Bordetella vaccination Nobiva: Intra-Trac3-ADT)

    • 1 year or 3 year Rabies


Puppies: Must be at least 16 weeks old and have the following vaccinations:

    • 3 – 4 rounds of DHLPP

    • 1 year or 3 year Rabies

    • Bordetella- every 6 months (We only accept the inter-nasal Bordetella vaccination Nobiva: Intra-Trac3-ADT)




Dogs-$20.00 a day-

  • Pickup Times/Rates:
    Before 9
    a.m. – no charge
    9 a.m. to 11 a.m. – an additional $10.00
    After 11 a.m. – an additional full day charge

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